April 29, 2008

1) Kingfield Garage Sale—registration THIS Wed. April 30!
2) You’re invited to the Walldogs Mural Preview Party, Saturday May 3, home of Mark Hind’s 3616 Blaisdell


Kingfield Neighborhood Garage Sale, May 3, 9am-3pm
Register until noon, Wednesday, April 30!!

$10 individual sale / $30 for group sale (group sale is 5 households on same block – can be paid together but registration forms are needed for each sale holder). The Kingfield Garage Sale is listed in the Star Tribune garage sale guide (printed April 21) and also advertised this week. Registration forms can printed from www.kingfield.org or picked up outside the KFNA office 3754 Pleasant Ave. S. #101 .

Garage Sale Maps will be available on Friday night, May 2nd at local coffee shops. Sale holders can pick up maps (limit 25 per sale holders) at the KFNA office or at Caffee Tempo, 4161 Grand Ave. on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Call Joanna Hallstrom, KFNA Project Organizer, 612-823-5980 x3 with questions.
2) Mural Preview Party for the Walldogs on Nicollet also May 3!

This party is the first peek at the designs that will be painted as part of the Walldogs project in July. At the party, you’ll be able to see the mural locations, see what they will look like, and hear about the artists leading each project. This will also be your first chance to sign up to help paint and to provide critical support to the project in other ways!
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Message from Richard J. Tuffs Minneapolis License Inspector 612-673-3911 – Regarding Door to Door Solicitors:

Each year I deal with a number of complaints about door to door solicitors. If anyone comes to your door trying to sell you anything, take orders for future delivery or tries to sell you any type of alarm system, make sure they have a Minneapolis Solicitors License. When you open the door, the first words you should be saying are, let me see you Minneapolis Solicitors License. It they don’t have one, send them on their way and call 911. Don’t be afraid to call 911. A 911 police call is  NOT just for emergencies, it’s also any time you want to report illegal or suspicious activity or want a police squad for some other reason. Tell the 911 operator that an unlicensed solicitor is going door to door on your block. After you call them, call me and if I’m not in, leave me a message regarding the address they are currently at and your phone number.

Once someone signs a contract with an unlicensed solicitor, its very difficult to get them out of it and trying to get a hold of someone from the company is extremely frustrating. Help your neighbor, if they come to your door, take appropriate action.

A sample Minneapolis Solicitor License.

As the weather gets warmer, we just want to remind residents and visitors to remove all valuables from your vehicles. This time of year we do see an increase in people watching vehicles and then looking into them to see what’s there after the owners leave.

The following are a few key points:

* Even a gym bag can attract attention because they don’t know what’s inside.
* GPS units have recently seen a rise in theft; record your make, model and serial number and keep it in a safe place.
* Do not remove valuables and place them in the trunk once you arrive at your destination; do this beforehand.
* If your stereo is removable, take it with you.
* Even items like designer sunglasses, change visible from an open ashtray, or any other small valuable items could draw attention.
* Call 911 on suspicious activity. If you see someone loitering near vehicles, they could be waiting and watching for their next victim.

See Auto Theft Prevention Tips for more prevention tips for theft from motor vehicles.

Remember please:

1. Please pass this information on to your neighbors if they do not receive these emails (copy emails and paste them into a new message rather than forwarding them). Tell your neighbors how to sign up for these alerts – visit http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/crimealert/signup.asp.
2. Please let your block club members know about these events.
3. Be aware of your surroundings. Call 911 on any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles.
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Kingfield E-Mail Notice
April 24, 2008


1) KFNA Annual Meeting a huge success–125 attendees elect new board members!
2) 46th Street Bridge Removal Scheduled
3) Youth & Family Summer Program Fair, April 20, 11AM-4 PM, Sagrado Corazon, 3800 Pleasant
4) Kingfield Garage Sale—next Saturday, registration due Wed. April 30!
5) Trial for accused murderer of Kingfield neighbor, Mark Loesch set for 5/8/08—Final call for Community Impact Statements!
6) 5th Precinct Open House, Thursday May 15, 5-7 PM, 3101 Nicollet Av S

1. Thanks for coming to the Kingfield Annual Meeting!

New board members serving Kingfield include David Buchanan, Marie Wolf, Jeff Shaw, Chris DeParde, and Mark Brandow. Re-elected members JobyLynn Sassily-James, Dave Saddoris, and David Postosky.

125 people enjoyed the delicious food provided by Anodyne, Butter, La Chaya, Cinco de Mayo and Victor’s 1959 Café. Thank you, Kingfield restaurants! Neighbors, be sure to eat locally whenever you can—we have a great variety of scrumptious food within our community! Twenty of the voting members children spent the meeting creating amazing inventions courtesy of Leonardo’s Basement—thanks to Jef and Leonardo’s for the fun!

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Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Annual Meeting
April 21, 2008


Approximately 125 neighborhood residents and 25 children, various elected officials, and neighborhood staff.

Meeting called to order:
David Brauer, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., welcomed the community, gave a brief overview of KFNA and it’s committees and highlighted activities of the year.  He introduced Board Member and NRP Steering Committee Member Arthur Knowles, who gave an overview of the requested NRP Plan Modifications that had been published in the spring KFNA News and were printed with the agenda at the meeting.  He answered questions pertaining to the plan mods and the organizational budget. It was then moved that the group approve the plan mods, which was does so by voice vote by a majority of members present.  Next Chris Sur, another board member presented the requested by-law changes and after questions were answered, these were also approved by voice vote.

Plan Modifications:
The community voted on, and approved, the following NRP Plan Phase I Modifications.
•    Reallocate the remaining $20,081.63 of Streetscape Program funds from the Nicollet Avenue Lighting Project (Phase I Strategy and reallocate the funds into administration (Phase I Strategy
•    Request the final sum of $10,213.78 that came from returned home loan payments from the Kingfield 2000 Home Loan Program (Phase I Strategy and reallocate the funds into administration, (Phase I Strategy

By-Law Changes:
Amend the KFNA Bylaws to allow up to 33% of non-Members to serve on select committees of the board, such as the Farmers’ Market Committee, whose reach extends beyond the boundaries of the neighborhood.  Additionally, clarify that the President and Treasurer shall continue their service as officers and, in the case that their term has expired, Ex-Officio Board Members between the April Election and the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors in May.

The specific Language changes regarding these amendments is as follows:

Article 6: Board Officers
B.    Election and Term of Office (excerpt)
The officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors at its first regular meeting following the annual meeting of the Members.  The officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) year and serve until their successors shall have been elected or until their earlier resignation, removal from office or death. In the case that their board term has expired, the President and Treasurer shall serve as Ex-Officio members of the board and officers until the first regular meeting of the board.

Article 7: Committees of the Board
G.    Committee Membership (excerpt)
Committee members are appointed by the President must be Members unless otherwise specified in a resolution of the Board.  The Board may specify by resolution that up to 33% of the committee members can be non-Members of the association.  All committee members, unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws or by resolution of the Board of Directors, must be appointed by the President.

Board Elections:
Ten candidates ran to fill the eight open board positions.  Those elected for two year terms which will expire in April 2010 include: Chris DeParde, JobyLynn Sassily James, David Buchanan, Mark Brandow, David Potosky, Dave Saddoris, Jeff Shaw, and Marie Wolf.  Robyn Bipes and Diana Schleisman will serve as alternates until April 2009.

Public Officials:
State Senator Scott Dibble, Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman’s Aide, and City Councilmembers Elizabeth Glidden and Scott Benson addressed the meeting.  Brian Elliot, Staff person for US Representative Keith Ellison also addressed the crowd.

Meeting Adjourned:
The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Minutes respectfully prepared and submitted by Sarah Linnes-Robinson.

Longtime Kingfield Resident receives Community Leader award, Living Art Art Show and Silent Auction, Riverlake Greenway back on track, KFNA Annual Meeting… and more in March Newsletter.

Kingfield E-Mail Notice
April 18, 2008


1)                  KFNA Annual Meeting, Monday April 21, 6 PM-Taste of Kingfield / 7PM Election and Neighborhood Info, MLK Park
2)                  46th Street Bridge Removal Scheduled
3)                  Youth & Family Summer Program Fair, April 20, 11AM-4 PM, Sagrado Corazon, 3800 Pleasant
4)                  Trial for accused murderer of Kingfield neighbor, Mark Loesch set for 5/8/08—Community Impact Statements still desired!
5)                  Go Fish Benefit for the YMCA—April 26

Kingfield Annual Meeting
Monday April 21
6 PM—A Taste of Kingfield
7 PM Annual Meeting and Board Election

On Monday, April 21, stroll on down to MLK Park at 6 PM and enjoy A Taste of Kingfield, a sampling of tidbits and tasty treats from many of our fine local restaurants including Victor’s, Grand Café, Anodyne, Butter, Corner Table, Cinco De Mayo, and our newest restaurant, La Chaya!

Sample the variety of Kingfield and then stay for the 7 PM Annual KFNA meeting where 7 officers will be elected to the board for 2-year terms. Learn about what IS going on in your neighborhood, what WILL BE happening, and how you can be a part of it all!

Childcare for 4-year olds and older provided by Leonardo’s Basement–there will be no childcare for younger kids!  To reserve space with Leonardo’s call KFNA at 612.823.5980 or email sarah@kingfield.org.  Questions regarding KFNA, its operating procedures, responsibilities, and mission can also be directed to Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, sarah@kingfield.org or 612.823.5980.

Consider attending—consider serving!  Either on the board, or one of KFNA’s committees!

46th Street Bridge to Close on April 25

The 46th Street bridge remains open; however, the bridge is scheduled to be demolished the weekend of April 25; weather permitting.  In preparation for the bridge demolition, the 46th Street bridge will be closed at 9:00 am on Friday, April 25. The 46th Street bridge is scheduled to re-open in spring 2009

For More Information on the Crosstown Project
Crosstown Project Hotline: 1.866.743.6590
Email: crosstown@rranow.com
Website: www.mndot.gov
Crosstown Project Office: 6242 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield
*For office hours, call the Crosstown Project Hotline.

2008 Youth & Family Summer Program Fair
Sunday, April 20th 2008
11:00AM – 4:00PM
Auditorium, Centro Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
3800 Pleasant Avenue South

Sagrado Corazón will be hosting its first ever Youth and Family Summer Program Fair.  We are excited to be able to provide the youth and families of the Sagrado Community this opportunity to learn about all of the educational and fun programs you have available for the summer.  Please contact Jennifer Grassman if your organization would like a table at this event.

Jennifer Grassman


The trial for Donald Eugene Jackson, accused of the 2nd Degree murder of Mark Loesch, is set for 5/6/08.  KFNA is still requesting Community Impact Statements for this trial and for that of his fellow accused, Jamaal Bernard Rays who will go to trial on 7/7/08.   Please try to get statements in at least five days before the trial begins. Duplicate Community Impact Statements can be submitted for both these persons.  It is appropriate to submit a general statement about how the actions of each individual and the type of crime have impacted the livability in your community.  Community Impact Statement forms can be found at www.kingfield.org under the crime and safety link.

Community Impact Statements (CIS) are presented to the court by prosecutors from the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office to show the negative impact a specific offender or a specific crime has, not only on the victims of the crime, but also on the community in which the crime took place. Anyone in the community can write a community impact statement; you do not have to be the direct victim of a crime or have personally witnessed the criminal activity in order to submit a CIS. Community Impact Statements are extremely important as they demonstrate to the judge how a crime has impacted you/the community, and may influence the judge’s sentence. More information about Community Impact Statements can be found at: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/attorney/impact-statements-faq.asp.

If you have comments on the type of information, the transmission of this information, or other comments related to this process please contact Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, sarah@kingfield.org or 612.823.5980.

On April 26th, the South Minneapolis YMCAs are hosting our 2nd annual GoFish Cocktail Party and Benefit Auction at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown.  We hope that you will join us for this fun event for a great cause! The money raised at the event supports the Y Partners campaign to provide financial assistance to those members and program participants who otherwise would not utilize the YMCA.

Tickets can be purchased online at https://mplsfd.ymcatwincities.org/NETCOMMUNITY/SSLPage.aspx?pid=246&srcid=193.

Call 612-821-2950 or email gofish@ymcampls.org for more information.”

Matt Tompkins, Membership & Marketing Director
Blaisdell YMCA
3335 Blaisdell Ave. S.
Mpls, MN  55408

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